Kay Bain Weiner


Kay is the recipient of the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award in the glass art industry. Kay is the founder and chairman of the KBW Foundation, a non-profit glass art educational foundation, since 2006. Kay has been one of the pioneers in the glass art industry for close to 4 decades.

About The Author & Instructor
Kay Bain Weiner, a dynamic speaker and instructor, has taught hundreds of workshops in the United States and abroad. She is the author of 14 books on glass art and design and has also written and produced several related audio and videotapes.

An innovator and developer of various techniques, tools, and supplies used throughout the glass industry, Kay has been a featured speaker at National Trade Shows for 20 years. A noted designer, currently residing in Carlsbad, CA, Kay has worked in stained and fused glass for many years and has had numerous commissions for residential and public buildings.

For 21 years, Kay was a consultant and demonstrator for Canfield Solder Company-Hexagon.

For seven years, she was a coordinator and founder of the National North East Glass Craft Festival with partner Si Isenberg, a renown glass artist.