KBW Glass Art Educational Foundation is a non-profit 501© (3) organization It was founded in 2005 by Kay Bain Weiner, glass artist and educator.  The goal of the Foundation is to attract more people into the Glass Art world through educational projects, scholarships, grants, and donations of Glass Art books and supplies to public schools, colleges, and other educational venues.  We strive to stimulate interest and growth in the glass art industry by introducing aspiring artists of all ages to the fascinating world of Glass Art.  With support from manufacturers, suppliers, and educators in the industry, we are dedicated to nurturing creative young minds and encouraging interested and talented students to make glass art an integral part of their future.  Together we can continue to pursue our goal and sponsor worthwhile projects that focus on glass not only as an art form but as a vibrant industry and community. Please visit KBWFoundation.com for more information.

With help of our supporters, contributors, and benefactors, we are able to offer and sponsor the following educational programs.

A portion of funds raised during the annual Glass Art Conference Cruise is used to encourage the teaching of Glass Art in public schools and colleges by offering grants to art instructors to be used for glass supplies, tools and materials.

Each ear several candidates pursuing glass art education, are presented scholarships to various national Glass Art conferences and workshops, including the Glass Craft and Bead Expo and the Tommy Licata scholarships.

Angel program
This program connects individual sponsors – Angels – with schools in their area.  Sponsors commit to providing $200 in supplies or funds for Glass Art classes and projects during the course of one school year.

Book Distribution
With the support of authors and distributors, the Foundation provides Glass Art books and educational videos and CDs to schools and adult education centers.  To date, we have distributed over 250, 000 books.

Art Glass in Art Class
We are proud to carry on the former AGA’s Art Glass in Art Class program which connects art teachers with local glass retailers through state level Art Education conferences.  It provides teachers with resources for obtaining glass art materials, supplies and assistance for their glass curriculum.


Glass Experience Madison
This annual event is more than just glass classes with world class artists at one of the finest art glass studios in North America. Evenings feature group activities such as a garden dinner at the beautiful Allen Centennial Garden and drinks on Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Monona Terrace overlooking Lake Monona. Profits from the entire four-day event support scholarships for art teachers to purchase glass art supplies for their classrooms. Fun and philanthropy in one! READ MORE…

Glass Art Conference Cruise
Each year the KBW Foundation Glass Art Conference Cruise welcomes everyone interested in Glass Art, from novices to experienced glass artists.  It is a great opportunity to learn from renowned instructors, catch up on latest Glass Art techniques and network aboard a luxurious cruise ship. Proceeds are used to pursue the Foundation’s educational goals.

Direct Donations
The support of Glass Art community is vital to our success.  A significant portion of our funds comes from individuals and companies who support our mission.  Their contributions are greatly appreciated.

Book Sales
The KBW Foundation hosts an exhibition booth at the annual Glass Craft and Bead Expo to benefit its programs through authors’ book signing events, silent auctions, and book sales.

Fund Management
Funds raised through the generous support of our benefactors and our fund raising events are handled by USB Financial and are deposited in a nonprofit educational endowment fund.  All funds are used to support our goal to attract more people into the Glass Art world through educational projects, scholarships, grants, and donations of Glass Art books and supplies to public schools, colleges, and other educational venues and to stimulate interest and growth in the Glass Art Industry.